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From Inspiration to Installation – Kings Flooring has you covered!

Carpet fits comfortably into your world. It’s practical, relaxed and comes in a rainbow of colors to suit every room in your house. Let Kings Flooring help you select carpet that fits your personal style and establishes an environment that’s beautiful, comfortable, and easy to care for. At Kings Flooring, we carry top manufacturer brands such as Mohawk and Shaw Carpet.

We enjoy working with customers who are excited about decorating their home but feel overwhelmed with the many options and flooring types available. This is where we shine!

We know the importance of providing the best floor coverings for your lifestyle and budget. Choose from a wide array of carpeting options and styles. Rest assured we will help you find the solution you are looking for.

Design Trends

When updating a room and looking for the latest trend in design and style, Kings Flooring can help with useful ideas. Whether your style preference has a European influence, country chic, Eco Chic, modern or eastern; we can find what you are looking for.

carpet NOVA

European Influence

carpet design trends

  • Medallions
  • Scrolled Accents
  • Stitchery

County Chic

country chic

  • Casual
  • Rustic Accents
  • Pale Washes
  • Watercolor Effects
  • Vintage Look


eco chic design

  • Reclaimed Natural Materials
  • Recycled Elements
  • Bamboo


  • Bright Hues
  • Neutrals
  • Honey Tones
  • Bold, Clean Geometric Shapes

Eastern Elements – influenced by Turkish, Persian and Asian cultures

  • Textured patterns
  • Jagged edges
  • Bright colors

green patch
light blue hues
tan textured