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Kings Flooring accepts most insurance work claims most commonly from fire or flooding. We only replace flooring; we are not able to provide other flood or fire damage work.

Water intrusion affecting carpet and other floor coverings is among the most difficult situations faced by a homeowner or building manager. There is no standard procedure for dealing with every situation. Each crisis must be evaluated on a case by case basis. Kings Flooring will work with you to attempt to restore your existing flooring or replace it. We also work with homeowner insurance companies to make this as easy as possible for you. We do not do other flooding restoration work - only flooring.

There are a number of standard questions that must be addressed in evaluating the proper protocol for returning the carpet to its pre-flood status. The primary question that must be addressed is the type of flooding that has occurred.

In the event of a flood or water damage, certain procedures should be followed to restore flood damaged carpet to a usable condition. Kings Flooring will examine your flood damaged carpet and other flooring types due to water intrusion. There are different types of flooding conditions that insurance companies recognize including:

• Sanitary Flooding • Unsanitary Flooding • Black Water •

We will evaluate the carpet cushion (carpet padding), laminate padding, flooding types, and carpet restoration requirements so you do not have to.

Insurance Facilitator

Kings Flooring has years of experience working with home owners and business insurance to assist you with the details. Our knowledge of insurance requirements will greatly assist in speeding up the claim process. While we will work with any insurance company, we have extensive experience with:

• USAA Insurance • Nationwide • Erie •

Call us today if your home has recently suffered from water damage. We can help restore those areas affected.

water damage